The propertied defined under this tab are specific for the workspace currently opened.

The directory where the forecasts are stored must be provided:


The maximum predictand value for the color range defines the value for which red is assigned when colors are not standardized. The second option is the number of days of previous forecasts to be displayed as traces in the time series plots. Three days are recommended.


Alarm panel options: The alarm panel displays the highest value of all stations by lead time and method. The options are the return period for normalization and the quantile to be displayed. The quantile 0.9 allows remaining vigilant as to the possible occurrence of important events.



Log options

Log preferences control the display of the log window and the level (importance) of reported messages:

  1. Errors only - recommended as long as everything goes as planned.
  2. Errors and warnings - some warnings help to be vigilant in case of problems. However, there might be warnings even during regular operation.
  3. Verbose - all operations are reported, which is an unnecessary amount of information during regular operation. As a result, important messages might be hidden in a large number of messages. This option is only useful to identify where AtmoSwing is failing.

Internet proxy

The proxy configuration contains the following elements:

  • Proxy activation - if necessary.
  • Proxy properties - the proxy address, port, the user name, and password.


Allow multiple instances of the Viewer.


Some paths automatically defined according to the OS: working directory, log file, and preferences file.