Using AtmoSwing¶

AtmoSwing can be used for different purposes:

  • in operational forecasting (the Forecaster),
  • to downscale climate data (the Downscaler),
  • to identify predictors for a certain predictand (the Optimizer).

For any use of AtmoSwing some data need to be prepared, and the method(s) must be calibrated. The following steps are usually required:

  1. Get a dataset for the predictor archive. It is often a reanalysis dataset. The impact of the choice of the dataset is discussed in [Horton2018].
  2. Get a dataset for the target situation (NWP output for operational forecasting or GCM/RCM outputs for climate downscaling)
  3. Format the predictand data.
  4. Calibrate/optimize the method using the Optimizer.
[Horton2018]Horton, P., & Brönnimann, S. (2018). Impact of global atmospheric reanalyses on statistical precipitation downscaling. Climate Dynamics.