Versioning scheme and migration

Versioning scheme

AtmoSwing follows a versioning structure with version numbers as MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. The rules are the following:

  1. MAJOR version: significant changes in the overall structure or addition of a new tool,
  2. MINOR version: addition of functionality that might be backward-incompatible,
  3. PATCH version: backward-compatible bug fixes and small improvements.

Support Policy

When a new version is published, the development of previous versions is not continued, except for LTS (Long Term Support) releases, where bug fixes are provided for a longer period.

Version Release Bug Fixes Until
2.0 19.11.2018 01.07.2019
2.1 23.05.2019 01.07.2023
3.0 LTS 17.04.2023 01.07.2027

Upgrade Guide

v2.1 to v3.0

Parameters files

  • Changes to the predictors dataset_id for the Forecaster. Check the new values under the Forecaster data page.

Predictand DB

  • The predictand DB has been updated to include the projection information. The DB must be generated again with the new version of the software.

Forecaster batch file

  • The extension of the batch file has changed to .xml.

v2.0 to v2.1

Parameters files

  • Changes to the reanalyses dataset_id. Check the new values under the reanalyses page.