Versioning scheme and migration

Versioning scheme

AtmoSwing follows a versioning structure with version numbers as MAJOR.MINOR.PATCH. The rules are the following:

  1. MAJOR version: significant changes in the overall structure or addition of a new tool,
  2. MINOR version: addition of functionality that might be backward-incompatible,
  3. PATCH version: backward-compatible bug fixes and small improvements.

Support Policy

When a new version is published, the development of previous versions is not continued, except for LTS (Long Term Support) releases, where bug fixes are provided for two years.

Version Release Bug Fixes Until
2.0 19.11.2018 23.05.2019
2.1 LTS 23.05.2019 23.05.2021

Upgrade Guide

v2.0 to v2.1

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